The Portal of Rebirth – Build Day #1

We had a fabulously successful build yesterday!

With the first batch of materials purchased, we were ready to measure, mark and cut. Frank’s dad, and little brother came over, and after a slight delay due replacing an expired scroll saw, we got all the panels and frame pieces cut. ¬†While I was out at a performance last night, Frank graciously assembled all the pieces, and I came home to a fully assembled arch.

Next steps: 1) Paint the basecoat, and stencil on the outline for a “paint by numbers” paint treatment. ¬†2) Cut and prepare the base stabilization, to be assembled on-site.

Read about the design here!

assembled 1 framing 1 panel 1

These are reference images I’ve been using for inspiration:



And the stencil pattern to paint by numbers, inspired by Islamic tile work.




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