Portal Build Day 3

Did I mention that this thing is double-sided?

Right.  So that means my fancy pants tile pattern appears on 4 panels.  The very old-school stencil transfer method took about 90 minutes per panel, adding up to about 6 hours to complete the pattern outline.  Of course, it’s excruciating to sit on the floor for that long, so I had to break up the time.  That’s pretty much all I did today.  It’ll be worth it though, once the colour gets added.  I think it’s going to be spectacular.  Crazy, but spectacular.

I also spent about an hour or so, marking the stripes around the curve.  I probably should have marked it while it was still possible to lay it flat, to make my life easier.  However, I found myself with a problem to solve: how to mark the radial lines while having a gaping hole at the centre of the circle?

Sure, I could have projected an image, but I’m old school, as can be seen by my pin-hole chalk transfer method.  So I got some string, ran it from the horizontal lip on either side of the door, and attached a vertical string from the centre top.  I tied another, long string to the vertical piece, and positioned it so that it was approximately the centre of the circle.  With a ruler, I marked approximately 6″ intervals along the outside of the white edge I’d painted around the opening, and asked Frank for a hand.  I had him hold the knot as steady as he could, while I worked my way around the circle, running the string from the knot, to my pencil marks, until I had done both sides.

Not exact, but it worked well enough, and now all the pencil marking for the Portal is complete.

Next step: Painting!


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