Portal of Rebirth – Design

When I presented this project at Recharge (a Burn in the Forest fundraiser), I stated that the design was flexible, as it was the concept that was important, not the aesthetic.

At the fundraiser, I left a sketchbook and pencils by my station, and folks drew all sorts of inspiring ideas in it, for what the portal might look like.

One of my favourites was that the threshold could be at the top of a slide!  So awesome.  I investigated that option but deemed it out of budget and scope for this project, but could be fun to build another time.  Another friend’s suggestion inspired me to spend a bit of time trying to figure out how to build the portal as a giant wishbone, but again, it was a bit out of my capacity.

Ultimately, I decided to build it as something that is close to my heart.  As I have a personal interest in Middle Eastern art and culture, I chose a keyhole design, with painted patterns inspired by traditional tilework, as often seen in near and middle eastern architecture.

As with most of my projects, I was not very pro-active about gathering a build crew, so this is largely my own project.  That said, my dear husband Frank makes an excellent partner in crime, and has been very involved in helping me sort out the logistics, chauffeuring me to & from Home Depot, and cheering me on.

See our first day’s progress here!


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