Portal Build Day 2

Frank was a rockstar today, and started building the supports that will keep this baby upright.  We also grabbed all our old leftover housepaint from storage, and established that a lot of the painting of the Portal can be covered by that supply.

I decided at about 10pm last night that I’d hop myself up on coffee and do as much work on the Portal as possible.  Of course, my plan was rather ambitious, and I’m nowhere near done.  There’s still hours and hours to go, for just laying out the pattern, nevermind doing the painting.  Still pretty certain I can do it, but I would welcome volunteers!

Here’s some progress shots, and the method for applying the pattern.

I printed out the pattern and used a pin to punch tiny holes all along the black lines.  Not enough to punch any of the pieces out, but enough to function as a dust stencil.

Then I pinned the paper pattern onto the surface, and used a piece of conté crayon (I couldn’t find my charcoal) to scribble over the paper and cause conté dust to transfer through the holes.

Removing the paper revealed a delicate dust outline of the pattern on the surface, which I went over with a pencil.  The conté can smear and rub off easily, so the pencil is more reliable, but still editable.

When the entire pattern is marked out, painting (by numbers!) can begin.  After the colours are applied, the pattern outline will be blacked in with a thick sharpie marker.

And, here’s a colour code for painting by numbers.
colour code

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to help out, here are the next steps:
-make a couple more stencils with the pin poke method (they wear out)
-continue transferring & outlining the pattern onto the surface
-add the colour, according to the colour code

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