Gratitude Flowers


I am an active member of the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society, and I participate by making art, leading theme camps, performing, or offering workshops.

In 2011, I attended one of our community events, but due to an injury, I was unable to participate in the ways I was accustomed to.

It can be difficult for me, to accept that I should sit down, and let others do for me.  But instead of sitting that event out, or complaining about what I couldn’t do, I brought some supplies.

Tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and scissors.  I spent much of my time, sitting at a picnic table, making tissue paper flowers, just like the ones my grandmother and I used to make when I was a child.  A few friends joined me, and we made many flowers… nearly 100.

During the event, I wandered about, seeking out the many volunteers who had taken leadership roles, and worked very hard, both before and during, to make this beautiful event possible

When I would find them, I would offer them a flower.  Our eyes would meet, and I  would offer a most heartfelt “Thank you” for their creativity, their dedication, their talents, their hearts.  As it is so good to be acknowledged, and expressing genuine gratitude is a wonderful feeling, the gifting was often powerful for both myself and my flower recipient.

I wish I could have made a few hundred more, one for everyone who attended and brought their energy and joy, because I was grateful for them too.  I encourage you to express your gratitude freely, and often, as it is excellent medicine.


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