The Portal of Rebirth

Welcome!  I would like to create this project as an interactive art and heart installation
at Burn In The Forest 2013.


Title: The Portal of Rebirth

Budget: estimated ~$200.  I would like the final design to be a collaborative decision with the future build crew.  Presumably made of wood, and held together with screws, and maybe a coat of tempera paint, material costs would be quite low, depending on final aesthetic.  (Could be done for $50 if it’s just a doorway, but with more, we could make a Moon Gate.)

LNT Plan: If the structure ends up being wooden, with enviro-friendly paint, it could be be dismantled & burnt.  If not burned on site, I will personally remove it, and burn it in my woodstove.

Set Up & Breakdown Plans: Depends on final design (to be determined by build team, as yet to be formed), but ultimately, I could build and break it myself.

Project Timeline: I would like to see a team form by May 1st, and have it built and ready to transport by a week before BitF.

Demonstration: I have few needs for the fundraiser: maybe just a small table where I could set up a laptop and an easel.

Minimum Funding: I have a trailer, so transportation is cheap, no matter what.  For just $50, I could make a simple doorway with no bells & whistles.

Maximum Funding: with $200 and a few handy people, we could make an ornate doorway or arch, and provide sage or incense to smudge the participants.

“The doorway effect suggests that there’s more to the remembering than just what you paid attention to, when it happened, and how hard you tried.  Instead, some forms of memory seem to be optimized to keep information ready-to-hand until its shelf life expires, and then purge that information in favor of new stuff.  Radvansky and colleagues call this sort of memory representation an “event model,” and propose that walking through a doorway is a good time to purge your event models because whatever happened in the old room is likely to become less relevant now that you have changed venues.”


“This place is so huge”, she says. “There are so many doors.”
“Do not worry.  You shall find it.  There is a sign above the door.”
“What says the sign?”

“The word was a transitive verb, an exclamation, a command, of which an exact English translation is impossible. The closest equivalent probably would be the phrase: Lighten up!”

~from “Jitterbug Perfume”, by Tom Robbins

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