Day 2

Ok, full disclosure:

My fancy pants scale says I’m 196 lbs, and 35% body fat.

Although, admittedly – I don’t much care.  I know muscle is heavier than fat, and I intend to build a lot more muscle than I have now – so I’m not bothered by pounds.  The body fat % bugs me a bit, but it pleases me to see that it’s down from a previous test shortly after the miscarriage, which showed me at 40%.  I’d like to see it down around the 25-30% range to start.

Breakfast this morning was Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola, three spoons of vanilla yogurt, and a handful of fresh blueberries.  And a cup of honey-lemon-ginseng tea.


Lunch was toast, hummus, cheese, cucumber, a couple of olives and a cup of tea.


I scarfed a some potato salad, deli turkey, and a couple of pickles before a meeting this evening, to tide me over until a very late dinner: bbq steak & zucchini medallions, 1/2 portions each of rice & corn.

And now staying up too late, drinking coffee, and working on the Portal of Rebirth.

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