The Inspiration Project

I began The Inspiration Project as an invitation to reflect on what inspires us, share our discoveries with each other, and find ways to transform our ideas into action.

The Audio
There were four in-person, low-impact, fun, social gatherings/workshops to speak freely with each other about what moves us. Participants brought open hearts, reflected on what moved them, met other inspired people in their community, and shared some good ideas and a cuppa tea. Everyone was welcome. Special thanks to Chelsie Kadgien for the audio recording of one of our meetings.

The Video
An interactive, meditative, and temporary art installation: A mandala sand painting. Inspired by sacred art, the small-scale sand mandala offered participants an opportunity to create, interact with other sand painters, and meditate with temporary art. Participants added coloured sand to the design throughout the afternoon, and at the end, the mandala was swept up, leaving only a time-lapse video as evidence of its existence. Special thanks to Frank Roberts for the time lapse video.

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