Doing It Wrong

This singing posts doubles as a songwriting post.  Not that I consider myself a songwriter, but every once in a while something pops out.  It’s usually bluesy or jazzy and it’s usually about something that I’m feeling at the time.  I’ve often felt like this, and I know lots of folks who can relate!  So next time you feel like you’re doing it wrong, or someone tells you that you are, or somebody else is doing it wrong – sing this song!

And a gratitude shout-out to my dear friend Jeff Almon for taking the time to walk me through my first ever voice recording, and encouraging me to try again when I sang it wrong.  You can find his original works under Kind Capitol on Soundcloud.

By popular demand: the lyrics!

Don’t matter how we do it, we’re doing it wrong.
Get someone else to do it, and they’ll do it wrong.
We turn ourselves inside out, try in vain to figure out
Some way to do it, without doing it wrong.

But we’re all doing it wrong,
yes we’re all doing it wrong,
It’s a big ol’ mess and we’re doin’ our best
but we’re still, doing it wrong.

That thing you’re building, you’re building it wrong.
And that thought you’re thinking, you’re thinking it wrong.
Well there ain’t no winning, and it don’t seem fair,
No matter what you do there’ll be someone there
To look you in the face and say, “You’re doing it wrong!”


See something needs doing, but you’ll do it wrong.
No one else wants to do it, ’cause they’ll do it wrong.
I’d help you out, but I’m in the same boat,
I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t,
Any way you slice it, we’re doing it wrong.


Your friend tries to do it, you say they’re doing it wrong.
Then I try to do it, you say I’m doing it wrong.
Well if you see fault then get off your shelf,
Quit complaining and do it yourself
So I can sit back and say, “You’re doing it wrong!”


But you can’t be afraid, to do something wrong.
There’s a lot to be learned, from doing it wrong.
So keep your chin up, and try again
Take what you learned and maybe then
Next time you do it, you won’t do it wrong.