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This section of my site is (for the moment anyway), intended to be a personal tool for tracking and motivating myself on a personal goal.

As a person who believes in the body-positive movement, and does not at all believe that a woman should be measured by appearance, I struggle a bit with my own desire to look like an Amazon.  I already feel like a warrior on the inside, and I have shockingly hard muscles under my curves.  But I want the outside to match the inside, and to stop feeling like an Amazon in fat suit.  I want to be ripped.

I decided months ago that I wanted to do this, but it’s been difficult.  One of the most unexpectedly difficult things has been a fear of judgment about my wanting.  Months have gone by, and I haven’t acted on my desire to be incredibly fit and strong because I was afraid that desire might be misinterpreted as a self-esteem issue, or as a message that bodies that are not fit and strong are inadequate, or that I was somehow letting down the body-positive movement.

And, this morning as I was pinning images of hard-bodied women to my secret Pinterest board, I realized that I was hiding what I wanted to do to my body, (which has been seriously impeding my progress) because I was afraid of judgment.  I don’t believe my fat is shameful, but somehow, my desire to get ripped IS?  That’s kinda messed up, right?

After that little epiphany, I decided do whatever I needed to do, to get myself on the path to the body that I want, and that I wasn’t going to hide anymore.  So I made my secret board public, and I went out for a run with Frank, to the Farmer’s Market, and bought fresh produce for a delicious lunch.

My intention is to do a daily post in this “get ripped” category, and track my physical activity, intake, progress, etc.  The first goals are small: just stretching & running for the next two weeks, drink more water, eat more greens.

So there.  Now you know.

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