Well, hello! Thanks for dropping in.

This site is an effort to gather all of my creative & philosophical adventures into one place. I’ll be posting new works as I make them, and slowly populating the archives with old works.  I’m interested in all sorts of art & performance, so it’s kind of a mixed bag.

Why “Brave and Real”?
Many years ago, I was having a (pretty typical for early adulthood) existential crisis, and in my angst, was (sorta rhetorically) asking a friend what made me ME… questioning all these creative things I did, and why I did them, and what I would be if I didn’t do them.  She simply said: “I think you’re brave and real.”  And I cried.  A while later, she gave me a box, plastered in collage, with those words on the top, to remind me.  And I cried again.  With her permission, I used photos of that box to make the header of this website.  Thank you, my friend.  Your words lead me back to myself when I am lost.